Amenaza nuclear


Colo / 1981 / Spanish with English subtitles / 95

  • Director 

    Jacques Osorio Anastasiu

  • Producer: 

    Jacques Osorio Anastasiu, Lizardo Díaz Muñoz

  • Screenplay: 

    Jacques Osorio Anastasiu

  • Photography: 

    Hendrik Smildiger

  • Cast: 

    Jorge Ramírez, Lizardo Díaz Muñoz, Lyda Zamora, Ki-Jeong Lee, Boris Roth, Moisés Rivillas, Hernán Villa Cecilia Velasco, Guillermo Marzán



Amenaza nuclear defines itself as a parody of the James Bond films. Featuring a perverse genius who wants to rule the world, bad girls, martial arts and acrobatic feats on land, air and water, its super agents go by the names of D2 and KLI2 and are played by the much-remembered comedy duo Los Tolimenses. In fact, one of the film’s co-producers was the actor Lizardo Díaz, aka “El compadre Felipe” from the duo. Amenaza nuclear was restored by Proimágenes and the Film Heritage Foundation with the help of Ércole Raquel Ércole. A dancer, musician and actress, Ércole herself was a pioneer in Colombian cinema, landing her first part in 1963 in 0597 está ocupado, Colombia’s first-ever telenovela. A one-time opportunity to see this surprising and highly original comic masterpiece. ////



Jacques Osorio Anastasiu

Actor, director, photographer, pilot, adventurer, author-editor and aerial photographer.