• Colombian Indigenous Cinema

Colombia / 2019 / Spanish and Embera with Spanish and English subtitles / 30

  • Director 

    Mileidy Orozco Domicó

  • Producer: 

    Olowaili Green Santacruz Juan Esteban Díaz Ana María Ramírez

  • Photography: 

    Christian Carmona Cardona



A young Embera mother and her two-year-old daughter make the journey from the city where they live to spend a few days in their home town. The little girl has brought a piece of her umbilical cord with her. The camera follows her the whole time, capturing her expressive eyes as she plays in the mud, watches the ants, listens to the swishing of the trees and the gushing of the river. This contact with nature is new and fascinating for her. Like the Embera language, it is waiting to be discovered and she appears to want to absorb and treasure every moment. As viewers, we have the privilege of being able to accompany her as she experiences life hands on.



Mileidy Orozco Domicó

Audiovisual director of the Embera nation of Colombia, graduated from the University of Antioquia in 2016.

Colombian Indigenous Cinema