• Animation

Brazil / France / 2018 / Portuguese with Spanish and English subtitles / 14

  • Director 

    Nara Normande

  • Producer: 

    Damien Megherbi, Justin Pechberty, Livia de Mel


    Nara Normande

  • Photography: 

    Maíra Iabrudi, Pedro Sotero, Simon Gesrel



A window opens on a sandy beach, revealing the childhood memories of Nara. Memories of happy, magical, carefree times, playing with her inseparable friend Tayra in Guaxuma, a beautiful beach in Northwest Brazil. But one day, her parents decide to go their separate ways and Nara is forced to leave the ocean and her friend behind. Yet her ties of friendship with Tayra prove stronger than time, distance and even tragedy. Nara still has the ocean flowing in her veins and so it is with sand, photographs, drawings and fragments of reality that she reconstructs her memories as a way of continuing to live in the present.  A touching, award-winning short film whose collage-like format emulates the essence of memory itself.


Liyan Fan


Nara Normande

Nara Normande

In 2014, she co-directed with Tião a live action fiction, Sem Coração, that received the Illy Prize of best short film at the Director‘s Fortnight. In 2018.