Argentina / 2021 / Español con subtítulos en inglés / 87

  • Dirección: 

    Rodrigo Guerrero

  • Producción: 

    Rodrigo Guerrero

  • Guion: 

    Paula Lussi

  • Fotografía: 

    Gustavo Tejeda

  • Reparto: 

    Luis Machín, Maximiliano Bini, Natalia di Cienzo, Paula Lussi, Eva Bianco, Paula Hertzog


  • JUE
    Mar 17 - 9:20 pm
    Bocagrande 5

  • DOM
    Mar 20 - 3:00 pm
    Bocagrande 4


Ernesto is an elderly man on dialysis who lives in his small apartment with his seven dogs. Ernesto is a nice guy who doesn't lose his composure even when his little universe is directly attacked. The only thing he wants is the same as anyone else: to feel a little less lonely. But for the building’s management and some of the neighbors in his building, the dogs are a problem, so they have filed a lawsuit. If he wants to continue living in his apartment, he must get rid of all of them except for maybe one. The decadent atmosphere of the film serves as a reflection of a whole generation of grandparents who live alone in the big city, navigating through routines that make them feel useful and alive and have emotional distance with other humans in order to avoid getting broken by the absences that life itself has brought. The small subplots of the conflicts of the other forms of loneliness of some neighbors, the possibility of empathy, coexistence, unjustified hostility, the paradoxical way in which saying goodbye to his dogs forces Ernesto to get closer to other human beings... There are many ways, some apparently small, that accompany the solid and moving performance of Luis Machín and the "confinement" in his small apartment, to make Seven Dogs a reflection on old age, coexistence and loneliness.


Rodrigo Guerrero


Rodrigo Guerrero

Rodrigo Guerrero

Licenciado en Cine y Televisión en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina, Rodrigo Guerrero se ha desempeñado como productor, guionista, director y editor. Además de Siete Perros (2021), ha dirigido los largometrajes El invierno de los raros (2011), El tercero (2014) y Venezia (2019).