• Classics

USA / 1971 / English with spanish subtitles / 108

  • Director 

    Dennis Hopper

  • Producer: 

    Paul Lewis

  • Screenplay: 

    Stewart Stern, Dennis Hopper

  • Photography: 

    László Kovács

  • Cast: 

    Dennis Hopper, Stella Garcia, Don Gordon, Daniel Ades, Julie Adams, Sam Fuller



Dennis Hopper’s second film toys with the idea of a studio set that is abandoned after the making of a film and subsequently appropriated by the natives, who “play” at making movies. Stunt double Kansas decides to retire after an accident on set and live in the Peruvian town he was filming in, but the quiet life he was looking forward to is cut short by the acts of violence the “game” sparks off. The Last Movie enjoys cult status and while some believe it to be a work of genius, others claim it is totally inconsistent. Shot in the wake of the unexpected box-office success of Easy Rider (1969), Hopper used his creative freedom to make this unclassifiable, unconventional film. But the less said about it, the better. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but rest assured there’s no other like it and you may not have a chance to see it elsewhere.



Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Actor, filmmaker, photographer and artist. Easy Rider (1969). Hopper is also recognized as a painter and poet.