Ushui, la luna y el trueno


Colombia / 2018 / Damana with Spanish and English subtitles / 72

  • Director 

    Rafael Mojica Gil

  • Producer: 

    Colectivo Bunkuaneiuman de la Organización Golkushe Tayrona

  • Photography: 

    Rafael Mojica Gil



The Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada ready their cameras. They have come to understand that these are the weapons of the modern age and an effective way of showing the world the damage man is inflicting on nature. Today their message is spread by the Saga, a group of women whose mission is to care for and protect nature’s seeds. Only the moon women or Saga have the power to make contact with the spiritual fathers through song and the ancestral wisdom handed down from generation to generation in the Ushui, the sacred house men are not allowed to enter. It is a tenuous two-way road this documentary walks: on the one hand, the Saga respect their traditions, and on the other they understand the need to open the doors of their sacred house to cameras, to reconcile technology and ancestral knowledge. In this context, the making of the film is as important as its content in that it offers an alternative means of sending a message to the world. A powerful film that gives a voice to the Wiwa and that has a lot to teach us about mutual respect and understanding.



Rafael Mojica Gil

Born in Kankuamo territory, he grew up in a peasant environment but kept the customs wiwas instilled by his parents. Displaced from his home in 2002 as a result of the armed conflict. Cameraman of the collective of indigenous filmmakers Zhigoneshi in Santa Marta. Founder and director of the Bunkuaneiuman collective. His film Ushui was awarded as best documentary at the Toronto Alucine Festival in 2017.