Colombia / 2018 / Spanish and Nasa Yuwe with Spanish and English subtitles / 25

  • Director 

    Gustavo Ulcué Campo

  • Producer: 

    Robinsón Campo

  • Screenplay: 

    Lorena Restrepo

  • Photography: 

    Marly Caceres Uncacia

  • Cast: 

    Almeira Lorena Dagua, A’te Ulcué, Luzmila Yonda, Eimy Chilo, Andrea Poto, José Reinel Guetio, Carmelina Guejia, Arley Romero, Medardo Chate, Marly Caceres, Juan Fernando Dizu



Mary has just finished her semester at college. It’s time to go back home and help her mother with the household chores, but a seemingly insignificant incident sparks her curiosity as to her native Nasa culture, so she goes to visit an elder, who manages to assuage some of her doubts. Mary belongs to a generation of young indigenous people who have come to understand that their roots are part of who they are and that respecting them is the only way to be true to themselves.


Gustavo Ulcué gustavo@nasalucx.org


Gustavo Ulcué Campo

Gustavo is communicator of the Nasa Indigenous People. He is director of the Indigenous Film and Video Exhibition in Colombia: Daupará 2013-2017. Director of audiovisual productions as Yu 'Luuçx - 2016 (Señal Colombia), Somos Originarios - 2018 (Canal Capital) or Ya'ja - 2018 (ANTV).