Our Official Image is #PuroVoltajeFICCI58

Complex, suggestive, mysterious, immersed in a glade where a magical and devouring power lives, the official image of the 58th International Film Festival of Cartagena – FICCI, promises an explosion of the senses, those guides that lead us through the beautiful, the hidden and the perverse. FICCI 2018, #PuroVoltajeFICCI58, will begin to reveal itself to us as its poster: vibrant, unpredictable, but also enigmatic and questioning, populated by monsters, fantasy and different shapes of desire.
The official image of FICCI 58 is inspired by the diversity of the Caribbean, a place where life and death, the most colorful and joyful fauna and the dark and the unknown, live side by side. This edition promises to question this age where new walls are being lifted everywhere, as well as to showcase films that, as an answer, expand the frontiers of the art form, embracing the powers of the imagination, even in the documentary genre (which shows us the possible worlds). It promises films that flower mightily and dig into those places where it is more uncomfortable for us to look or examine.

In the words of its Artistic Director, Diana Bustamante, “in its 58th edition, the International Film Festival of Cartagena, happily Caribbean, celebrates the exuberance of the tropics, which, far from exotic, contain the not always festive complexity of this glade, that has been home to the most beautiful as well as to the most sordid, and that has seen entire cultures be born and get lost in the jungle that expands its voracity to the will of mankind. A place, however, where life and its mysterious beauty overtakes everything. FICCI 2018, #PuroVoltajeFICCI58, reveals itself as its poster: vibrant, unpredictable, very Caribbean, yes, very powerful, yes, but also enigmatic and questioning.

This poster focuses on its center on the number eight, a double sphere that evokes circularity and celebrates the trajectory of a festival that, throughout its 58 editions, has always reinvented itself, adhering to its past and its tradition. The image is the result of the collective work of the Design and Image Committee lead by Diana Bustamante, Jaime E. Manrique, Communications Director of the festival, Juan Manuel Betancourt, filmmaker, and the editor Sebastián Hernández. The final composition was done by David Ríos (Captain Butrón), with the help of the design agency El Viento Lab.