Wandering Girl to open FICCI 59

Rubén Mendoza’s sixth feature film will welcome attendees of the fifty-ninth Cartagena Film Festival (FICCI) on March 6 at the Convention Center. Wandering Girl (Niña Errante) submerges us in a feminine universe and an uncertain and sensuous journey that is moving, intimate, penetrating, and delicate. Angela, the wandering girl, will discover her sensuality, her pain, her body, and a fraction of what it means to be a woman.

Rubén Mendoza is one of the Colombian directors most frequently featured at FICCI. Since his debut feature The Stoplight Society (La sociedad del semáforo) won the Best Film Award in the Colombian competition in 2011, the festival has become a stage for his career. In 2014, he received the award for Best Film and Best Director in the fiction competition with Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la Lengua), an award he earned again in 2017 with the documentary Señorita María: Skirting the Mountain (Señorita María, la falda de la montaña).

Now, two years later, the Colombian filmmaker returns with the story of four sisters who mourn the death of a man they barely knew: their father, a character as fascinating as he is chaotic, whose funeral manages to reunite them. The youngest of them is the only one with fond memories of the paterfamilias. To avoid falling into the hands of the government, she undertakes a trip from coast to coast with her half-sisters, a journey that becomes an adventure into the mysteries of the bond between them. Wandering Girl will open FICCI after receiving the Golden Wolf for Best Film and the Best Music Award at its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia.

"After a very strong relationship with the festival; having seen it take flight again with the last two directors; having won, with Geraldine Chaplin’s help, with The Stoplight Society when the film was the ugly duckling; having won with Dust on the Tongue, with the great Pawel Pawlikowski as a jury member; and twice having received the best director award in the Colombian section; we are now in this non-competitive section of the festival. It is an immense joy and an honor for our team, our brothers in cinema, to continue this relationships by opening the festival," said Rubén Mendoza, director and screenwriter of Wandering Girl. "Long live FICCI. In name of the cinema, always onward," he added.

Once again, FICCI ratifies its commitment to Colombian cinema, presenting films that pose questions through their themes and modes of representation, bringing its audiences brave and sincere movies that enrich and exalt the nation’s talents. FICCI is a showcase for stories that invite us to ponder our condition as human beings, and, much like the wandering girl, embark on a oneiric journey to rediscover ourselves.