Don‘t Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl! will close the great Cartagena film fest

The film, by Brazilian director, editor and producer Felipe Bragança, premiered this year at Sundance and will be the closing film of the 57th edition of the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival. Bragança‘s feature tells the love story between two young people in the face of old conflicts and divisions imposed by a cultural and racial frontier. It will be screened on March 6th after the Closing Ceremony, at 7 pm in the Convention Center.
Don't Swallow my Heart, Alligator Girl! (Não Devore Meu Coração), takes place on the banks of the Apa river, both a natural divide and a bridge between Brazil and Paraguay. The universe proposed by Felipe Bragança revolves around the attraction between a young Guaraní girl called Abasano, who calls herself "the tattooed queen of the Apa river", and Joca, a Brazilian boy who lives on the other side of the border. Based on the novel by the Brazilian author Joca Reiners Terron, Curva de Rio Sujo (2003), the film adapts several patterns from "Romeo and Juliet" blended with elements taken from the fantasy tales and the realistic dramas that happen along the border.

Felipe Bragança is a screenwriter and producer. As a screenwriter, he worked on films such as Love for Sale (O Céu de Suely – 2006) by Karim Aïnouz, Heleno (2011) by José Henrique Fonseca and Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro – 2014), also by Karim Aïnouz. His short films include Fernando Que Ganhou Um Pássaro Do Mar (2013), which he co-directed with Helvécio Marins Jr.

During the Closing Ceremony, the winners of the India Catalina Award in each category of the competition will be announced. Afterwards, during a special screening in the presence of the director and screenwriter Felipe Bragança, all the guests will be able to enjoy this fable about resistance, the sense of belonging and the need to build strong roots in order to look firmly towards the future.