FICCI 57 announces new films in Official Selection and participants to PuertoLab – Work in Progress

The FICCI unveiled the titles of eight new films, bringing the total to 78 productions in competition, as well as the five feature films that will compete for the postproduction prize in PuertoLab.
, one most significant initiatives created by the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival, will carry out its third edition with five feature-length films – three documentaries and two fiction films – that have been selected among 125 films currently at the postproduction stage.

- El Hombre Que Siempre Hizo Su Parte (The Man Who Always Did His Part) by Orisel Castro and York Neudel – Ecuador (Documentary)
- El Negro: Crónica de un Fugitivo (El Negro: Chronicle of a Fugitive) by Sergio Castro San Martín – Chile (Documentary)
- Jazmines en Lídice (Jasmines in Lidice) by Rubén Sierra Salles – Venezuela, Mexico (Fiction)
- La Fortaleza (The Fortress) by Andrés Torres – Colombia (Documentary)
- Restos de Viento (Wind Traces) by Jimena Fernanda Montemayor Loyo – México (Fiction)

This diverse group of films is also a sign of the the special moment that Latin American cinema is currently experiencing. According to Diana Bustamante, the Festival's artistic director, we are crafting "a cinema that opens paths towards a new idea of utopia, still unclear in its shape, but one that talks to us, that babbles its own, somewhat barbaric narrative, which we are beginning to tame. The languages that the filmmakers of the region reinterpret, thus taking ownership in a unique way, express the vitality of our cinema and its role – no longer a secondary one – in what is a fantastic year for world cinema. And this stylized and self-conscious return of classical forms does not undermine other more contemporary explorations."

The following 8 films complete the list announced on January 20th, all of which will compete for the India Catalina statuette in the different sections of the Competition.

- Elon Não Acredita na Morte (Elon Doesn't Believe in Death) by Ricardo Alves Jr. – Brazil – 2016
- Los Decentes (A Decent Woman) by Lukas Valenta Rinner – Austria, South Korea, Argentina – 2016

- Treblinka by Sérgio Tréfaut – Portugal – 2016
- Los Territorios (The Territories) by Iván Granovsky – Argentina, Brazil, Palestine – 2017 (Ibero-American Premiere)

- Tormentero (Stormmaker) by Rubén Imaz – Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic – 2017
- El Silencio de los Fusiles (When the Guns Go Silent) by Natalia Orozco – Colombia, France, Germany – 2017 (World Premiere)

- Verde (Green) by Alfonso Ruizpalacios – Mexico – 2016

- Ana, Mon Amour by Calin Peter Netzer – Germany, France, Rumania – 2017 (Ibero-American Premiere)

The full selection is available HERE.