Hans Londoño
President Boards of Directors FICCI

The FICCI Board is pleased to present the 58th edition of the Cartagena International Film Festival, the longest-running event of its kind in Latin America that also has the good fortune to take place in an unparalleled Caribbean setting—the magical, festive city of Cartagena that pulls back the curtain every year on a selection of the best of Ibero-American and world cinema.

There can be no denying the power cinema has to transform society. It allows us to imagine new worlds, gives us fresh perspective and evokes emotions like no other form of artistic expression. Films can help build a better world by banishing our fears of the unknown, by taking us to unfamiliar geographies and imaginary universes, both internal and external, and showing us that we all share the human condition, no matter what part of the world we live in or how different we think we are. FICCI’s electrifying 2018 program promises to do all this and more.

FICCI belongs to us all and this year we plan on continuing with our social endeavors. In our drive to infect more Colombians with the movie bug, we will be maintaining our program of free cinema in the city’s neighborhoods all year round and will be traveling to the rest of the department.

Films don’t just tell stories; they reinvent them. Films make us laugh, make us angry, make us think; they touch on our deepest emotions, but more importantly, they have valuable messages that allow us to grow as human beings. We hope you have an enjoyable time at the festival and come away with some memorable experiences, but most of all, we hope you take the festival away with you in your hearts.

Welcome to the 58th edition of FICCI!