Lina Rodríguez
General Director

Migration and a multicultural world; the cinematographic audacity from Ibero-America, the Caribbean and Cartagena will mark FICCI’s 59th edition

For this edition of the festival, FICCI is shedding it skin. This year, it migrates towards a linear design that celebrates the equal distribution of flm in its programming, taking a lead on this notion and bravely assuming this risk of this approach after 58 years.

I would like to begin this brief statement by recognizing the joint efforts of those who –with a great deal of commitment, love and professionalism– have dedicated hours of their time to make this program possible. To our team of curators under the artistic direction of Felipe Aljure and Juan Carvajal, our Chief Curator, we thank you for bringing us together to experience transformational and transcendent flm, for inviting us to let go of our fears, to travel, to dream, to recognize the other and to understand that as human beings, a migrant and multicultural spirit is in each one of us.

FICCI 59 is a living example of the enormous push to uphold culture as a primary foundation of society. Indebted to those who continue to see the festival as an opportunity to create transformational experiences through flm and to positively impact our country’s and continent’s flm industry, our appreciation for these supporters is heartfelt.

We would like to thank Organización Ardila Lülle for supporting the festival for over a decade, one of our Primary Partners in the most important platform of Colombia’s flm industry. FICCI owes its growth and positioning to this organization’s long-term commitment to our cause and to Cartagena.

For the third consecutive year, our high-impact social project –FICCI Mobile– will visit the 46 municipalities and 36 municipal subdivisions of the Department of Bolívar. This project is possible thanks to the commitment of Governor Dumek Turbay and Icultur, who once again, show their dedication to cultural events with a community approach and presence throughout the department. In 2019, our audience will reach 110,000 spectators, creating almost 200 indirect jobs, thanks to the more than 120 flm screenings throughout the Department of Bolívar. This is how FICCI strengthens and remains in Bolívar, establishing itself as a successful result of national public policy. We trust that the success of this partnership will inspire other governors in the country to support the flm festivals that already exist or are about to be begin, in order to shape our audiences and connect them with flm.

The Ministry of Culture continues to be a fundamental pillar of our management. Its contributions and support improve the opportunity to discuss, debate and offer education on flm. This support comes along with the support of the Ministry of Culture’s Offce for Cinematography, Proimágenes Colombia, AECID and the Spanish Cooperation Training Center.

In addition to this enormous institutional effort from the national government is the support of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism through the FONTUR Fund for the Promotion of Tourism. For more than six consecutive years, this fund has endorsed Cartagena as a flm destination and meeting point throughout the dates of the festival.

To the Mayor of Cartagena and the government of Pedrito Pereira, thank you for furthering your commitment to the festival at a local government level and for approving the promotion of Cartagena as an important and outstanding location for quality films.

For its years of ongoing support, we would also like to reiterate our gratitude to Cine Colombia, our Offcial Sponsor and host in 13 movie theaters in Cartagena. It is thanks to the infrastructure and technical efforts it provides that the essence of this festival can be seen in the best of conditions. With us for the seventh consecutive year, Volkswagen also continues as an Offcial Sponsor, providing the best experiences to our guests with their exclusive vehicles.

2019 also marks the birth of NIDO, the audiovisual industry convention that, thanks to the strong support of the National Television Authority (ANTV), will bring more than 30 experts together from the sector to reflect on the transformation of the industry in the digital era.

Lastly, to all the partnerships and public and private institutions from the central, departmental and local government, to participating embassies and institutes, to companies from the audiovisual sector, to collaborating entities, to Cartagena’s hotel and culinary industry, and above all, to each of those who make up our team, our FICCI family, THANK YOU for making this festival possible.