13th International
Producers Forum

1st to 5th march 2018

Motivated by the need to broaden work models, new distribution challenges, changing audience profles, tensions between audiences and the market, and the technological revolution that has knocked on the doors of the film industry, since 2017 the International Producers’ Symposium has focused on perfecting the project presentation skills and know-how of emerging producers and helping them create strategies to include audiencias that match their flm distribution channels.

This year, the symposium will be addressing topics that have taken on greater importance in recent years, like transmedia narratives, the journey made by the consumer in the lifecyle of an audiovisual product, the development of marketing strategies based on SWOT analysis, the definition of target audiences, gender and positioning, promotional aspects, the drawing up of social media strategies and step-by-step guidance on how to give a sucessful pitch.

The 12 Latin American producers selected to participate in the symposium will be tutored by four experts at six online sessions prior to the festival, thanks to our alliance with Centro Ático at the Universidad Javeriana, and will receive fve days of training at Cartagena.

Also joining us will be international experts in production, distribution, exhibition, education and other felds, who will be sharing their personal experiences and global vision with partcipants.

Prizes include an 8,000-euro scholarship from the French film agency CNC, post-production services valued at 20 million pesos, courtesy of Centro Ático at the Universidad Javeriana, and automatic admission to the Bammers section of the Bogota Audiovisual Market 2018.