Cine en los Barrios 2017

Beyond the walls, around one million people live in another Cartagena. It is less visible but profoundly human, and probably much more real. Cine en los Barrios [Cinema in the Neighborhood] has been for twenty years the Festival’s strategy to build bridges, increase visibility, and integrate this community through cinema.
This is a non-competitive show that reaches the remotest parts of the city and the department, inviting attendees to be part of the collective experience of watching good movies. This is the only experience the Festival keeps active throughout the year.

Cine en los Barrios has become a fundamental part of the Festival since its inception, providing spectators and producers with a space to share cinema arts in an inclusive and participatory manner, creating audiences and bringing cinema to people who normally don’t have a chance to gain access to it, forming encounters, reflections, and experiences, showing other audiovisual realities and other local, national, and international aesthetics; allowing thus for the public and producers to interact in dialog and a different relationship that fosters an exchange of knowledge and experience around audiovisual arts.

In 2017, we are presenting a selection of high-quality shorts, community video initiatives coming from different regions around the country, an indigenous video exhibition, shows resulting from the Laboratorios Vivos program from the Bolívar Governor’s Office, a selection of movies from the International Association of Animated Films (ASIFA), projects from Bogotá’s Cinemateca Distrital, shorts from Bogoshorts, Señal Colombia, works from SENA, and others.

Thanks to the partnerships with the Bolívar Governor’s Office, the Cartagena de Indias Mayor’s Office, SuperGiros, Tecnológico Comfenalco and Fundación Tenaris Tubocaribe, the activities will be ongoing throughout the year through mega projections and portable screens. These are events with which FICCI seeks to expand and strengthen the community’s encounter with cinema beyond the Festival.

All shows have support from the National Police, the National Navy, local Mayor’s Offices, Community Action Boards, and the community at large.

Cine en los Barrios invites the public in general to appropriate FICCI and to actively participate at the showings that are taking over Cartagena and Bolívar this year.

Cine en los Barrios

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